Open for business!!!!!

Open for business!!!!!

Well i have finally found time to build a little site to use as my portfolio. Not the most amazing site in the world but think it does the job well of being simple a nice, without taking away the impact of its focus....My colour and other artwork.

So what have you stumbled on here then, hey? With a passion for all things creative and geeky i naturally grew up wanting to create comics. Its no secret that i am not the best illustrator in the world, but have a good eye for design, and am computer savi. Growing up with an amazing writer and an even more amazing artist, i naturally focused on outing the finishing touches on their work....colouring and lettering.

Over the years i have worked on a variety of pieces, each time changing my style and honing my talent to try and improve it.

This site is a my portfolio. My showcase of work for people to view, critique and enjoy. Hopefully you will like and fell free to comment, although constructive criticism is more appreciated than simply "its crap" :)



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